Jun 282017

USDA Raises Income Limit For Home Buyers

I love it when Katy Kirby of Stark Mortgage drops by my office. It always means that  great things are happening in the home mortgage loan industry. Imagine how excited I was when she told me that the income requirements have been raised for USDA home loans. The new income eligibility requirements are still based on a 640 credit score, but allows more middle class families to obtain the help needed when purchasing a home.

A family of 1-4 people can now make up to $75,650, can still qualify for a USDA home mortgage loan. High income area residents are now allowed an even higher income bracket. In some areas, a family of 1-4 people can have an annual income of up to $153,400. I work with a lot of first time home buyers, and could not wait to tell them all about the new USDA eligibility guidelines.

USDA Home Mortgage Loans Mean
No Money Down Financing

As a buyer’s agent, I understand that getting approved for a USDA home loan may be very beneficial when purchasing a home. If the home buyer is approved for a USDA home loan, the entire loan amount is financed. Yes, 100% financing means NO MONEY DOWN! The USDA home mortgage program is a great way to purchase a home. You just can’t beat home-ownership with no money down financing. Many home buyers were already taking advantage of this amazing opportunity. I am so happy about the new guidelines. Now even more people will qualify to purchase a home with no money down.

Please keep in mind that appraiser’s fees and closing costs cannot be financed in any home mortgage loan. Debt to Credit Ratio guidelines will still apply, as well. Still, the real estate market is HOT right now, and this is the perfect time to purchase a home.

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Brachel Rogers announces USDA mortgage rate changes

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Apr 212017

Buying Your First Home Can Be Overwhelming

first-time home buyers questionsFirst Time Home Buyers are always full of questions when we speak for the first time. How important are credit scores? How much money will I need for a down payment? What are closing costs? These are just a few of the things that are asked, when I speak with many first time home buyers. I understand that speaking with a licensed real estate agent, and  buying your first home can be exciting, but, it can also be extremely uncomfortable for some  home buyers. Many have no idea where to start, until after speaking with a Remax real estate agent. So I have decided to host a first time home buyers seminar, and invite a few of my Preferred Vendors to help explain the process of buying a home.



First Time Home Buyers Seminar To Answer All Questions

Brachel Rogers first time home buyers seminar

You know what everyone says. There are no such things as stupid questions. This is especially true when it comes to purchasing a home for the first time. Do you need to know the difference between a conventional home loan, and a FHA home loan? Wondering if Statesboro is located in the qualification area of USDA home loans? Still have lingering questions about Georgia Dream home loans? No problem. I can’t wait to answer all of your questions.

So stay on the lookout for the exact date of this event. It will be held in the Statesboro area, but please feel free to attend even if you live outside of bulloch county. I am a licensed real estate agent that serves Jenkins county, Effingham county, Candler county, and many others. I would love to help you on this journey.

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Here it is!

First Time Home Buyers Seminar with Licensed Real Estate Agent Brachel Rogers in Statesboro, GA

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