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Aug 192017

Is it really a good time to sell? Do you think that the housing market will continue to rise? Maybe we should just use it as a rental property for now–what do you think? These are all questions that I hear from homeowners when they seek advice about listing their homes for sale. Placing a home on the market to sell can be just as nerve wracking as purchasing your first home. So I try to help all of my clients work through some of those nerves with a few great techniques.

Research Your Local Housing Market

Brachel Rogers tells how to research your home's marketI advise all my clients to research the local housing market. If you have lived in your home for a few years, you may already know the economic conditions and asking prices of homes in your neighborhood. Still, it is important to know the asking prices of all homes in your city when listing your home. You will need to know the pros and cons of each area, and the economic median of income. These factors will help you to determine a reasonable asking price. You may find local and regional housing statistics through The National Association Of Realtors by visiting

Interview Real Estate Agents Before You List Your Home

Many of my clients will ask why they should not just sell their home using the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Method. I explain that homes listed with a licensed real estate agent typically sell for more than homes that are listed using the FSBO method. Also, a licensed real estate agent can provide a detailed Comparative Market Analysis (CMA )for your property. After researching the local housing statistics, it is important to speak with an agent to determine a reasonable listing price for your home.

Don’t Forget The Curb Appeal

Remember to spruce up the curb appeal. You may want to pressure wash the outside of your home. Keep the lawn well maintained, and paint the mailbox if necessary. Make sure the home is free of clutter, and please keep your home as clean as possible during viewing hours. Check baseboards and window sills, and wipe these daily to make sure that they do not attract dust. First impressions are very crucial.

Real Estate Agent Brachel Rogers will sell your houseThis is why it is so important to choose an agent who will work with you to help you get your home SOLD as quickly, and as smoothly as possible. As stated earlier, placing your home on the real estate market is a huge financial decision. You deserve an agent that is willing to go the extra mile for you. I would love to answer any questions, and help you through your home selling process. Just give me a call so we can list your home for sale, today.

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Aug 072017

I love being a Remax Real Estate Agent. Nothing brings me more joy than helping my first time home buyers find the perfect home, at the perfect price. I always say that when you find your forever home, you will know it. It will just FEEL like home. But though the gasps of excitements, and tears of joy, I realize that many of my clients are more than first time home buyers. Many are first generation home buyers, as well, and being the first person in your family to purchase a home can be pretty overwhelming. I hope that this blog post can help alleviate some of that stress.

Things All First Generation Home Buyers Should Understand

  • Purchasing A Home Is A Financial Investment

Brachel Rogers explains buying your first homeI tell all my buyers that once you decide to buy a home, you should think of it as an investment. Most business minded people agree, that you should always position yourself to receive the greatest return on any investment. So I advise them to study the market, research the different school districts, and to check out different neighborhood associations. It is very important to see if the value of the home you plan to purchase will increase or decrease over the years.

  • Not All Home Mortgage Loans Require 20% Down Payments

There are many types of home mortgage loans. An FHA loan only requires 3.5% of the purchase price as a down payment. USDA home mortgage loans are 100% financed, and require no down payments. VA home mortgage loans are 100% financed, as well. In addition, lenders may require only 3%-5% percent down on conventional loans. The days of NEEDING 20% of the purchase price, as a down payment, are long gone.

  • Mortgage Lenders Use Your FICO Score, Not Your Vantage Score, To Determine If You Qualify For A Mortgage Loan

While there is a new Bipartisan Senate Bill being discussed, for the moment home mortgage lenders are still using FICO scores to help determine if a person will qualify for a home mortgage loan. Although your vantgage score may be much higher, your FICO score uses factors, such as income, and current debt, to determine qualification for home mortgage loans. In addition, in order to qualify to purchase a home, mortgage lenders will pull FICO scores from all three major credit bureaus, and use the middle FICO score.

  • Credit To Debt Ratios and Debt To Income Ratios Also Impact The Amount Of Your Mortgage Loan

Credit Scores are not the only factors that determine if a home buyer will qualify for a mortgage loan. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae provide guidelines for all USDA, VA, and FHA loans. First, the lender will make sure that the buyer has sufficient income to purchase a home. Next, the lender will access the buyer’s prior financial obligations in order to determine the buyer’s debt to income ratio. The home buyer will need to be able to afford the new mortgage payment, still pay all prior financial obligations, and have a percentage of income left over in order to qualify for purchasing a home.

take that first step to buying your first homeSo many of my first time home buyers are first generation home buyers, as well. Many of my buyers want to purchase a home, and many of them qualify to purchase. However, they are overwhelmed with not knowing where to begin, and they don’t have the benefit of mom and dad’s experiences. I hope that this post has shed some light on a few topics. I also invite you all to contact me with any questions. I would love to schedule a consultation to place you on the path to home ownership!

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Jul 142017

Home Buyers Should Always Sign A Buyer Agency Agreement With Their Real Estate Agent

Buyer Agency AgreementIt happens more more often than you would think. First time home buyers spend countless hours with their real estate agent while searching for the perfect home. They discuss the buyers’ likes, dislikes, and must haves. They finally find the perfect property, purchase their new construction home, and move into their new space.

It is only six months after the completion of the sale that they realize that they could have bought another home, with a similar floor plan, that was built two years ago, and only a mile away from the kids’ school, for much less than what they paid for their current home. To make matters worse, they had stressed the importance of being near the kids’ school to their realtor. What happened? Did the realtor really look out for their best interests?

If all home buyers would take the time to enter into a buyer agency agreement, it would ensure that the buyers will receive representation that protects the best interests of the buyer. Oftentimes real estate agents will attempt to make a buyer pay more for a property because sellers usually pay the real estate agent’s commission. The only sure way to guarantee that the real estate agent is truly representing the buyer is with a legally binding contract, or buyer agency agreement.

A Buyer Agency Agreement Protects Both the Home Buyer and the Real Estate Agent

The importance of a Buyer Agency AgreementNot only does a buyer agency agreement protect the buyer, an exclusive buyer agency agreement will also protect the real estate agent. Many times, a real estate agent will help a home buyer through many phases of the home buying process. They may refer them to a credit specialist, introduce the buyer to a mortgage lender, and spend countless hours helping them search for the perfect home, only to have another real estate agent present an offer on behalf of the buyer.

When this happens, the first real estate agent is not compensated for any of the work that was done previously. In these instances, it may not be the buyers’ fault. Many first time home buyers do not understand how the real estate industry works.

I always explain the importance of a buyer agency agreement to all of my buyers. It is not to force them into something–it is to protect all parties, so that we can work together efficiently to make the best possible home purchase!

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Jun 282017

USDA Raises Income Limit For Home Buyers

I love it when Katy Kirby of Stark Mortgage drops by my office. It always means that  great things are happening in the home mortgage loan industry. Imagine how excited I was when she told me that the income requirements have been raised for USDA home loans. The new income eligibility requirements are still based on a 640 credit score, but allows more middle class families to obtain the help needed when purchasing a home.

A family of 1-4 people can now make up to $75,650, can still qualify for a USDA home mortgage loan. High income area residents are now allowed an even higher income bracket. In some areas, a family of 1-4 people can have an annual income of up to $153,400. I work with a lot of first time home buyers, and could not wait to tell them all about the new USDA eligibility guidelines.

USDA Home Mortgage Loans Mean
No Money Down Financing

As a buyer’s agent, I understand that getting approved for a USDA home loan may be very beneficial when purchasing a home. If the home buyer is approved for a USDA home loan, the entire loan amount is financed. Yes, 100% financing means NO MONEY DOWN! The USDA home mortgage program is a great way to purchase a home. You just can’t beat home-ownership with no money down financing. Many home buyers were already taking advantage of this amazing opportunity. I am so happy about the new guidelines. Now even more people will qualify to purchase a home with no money down.

Please keep in mind that appraiser’s fees and closing costs cannot be financed in any home mortgage loan. Debt to Credit Ratio guidelines will still apply, as well. Still, the real estate market is HOT right now, and this is the perfect time to purchase a home.

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Brachel Rogers announces USDA mortgage rate changes

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Jun 212017

Are You A First Time Home Buyer
With  Questions About The Home Buying Process?

Brachel Rogers first time home buyers seminar

As a buyer’s agent, I am really excited about my upcoming First Time Home Buyers Seminar. The real estate market is HOT right now, and it is the perfect time to buy a house. However, I know that the process can be overwhelming for first time home buyers. So, I have teamed up with the staff of the Statesboro Regional Library to educate local residents about the steps of purchasing a home. The first seminar is scheduled for July 15, 2017, from 2:00 pm- 4:00 pm. The event is free to the public, so tell all of your friends and family!

A Home Mortgage Lender and a Credit Consultant
Will Also Speak At The Seminar

Mr. Landon Lanier of Renasant Bank will speak about the different types of home mortgage loans. So if you have questions about FHA home mortgage loans vs Conventional home mortgage loans, or USDA home mortgage loans vs Georgia Dream home mortgage loans, this seminar is definitely for you.

Ms. Kashiff Lanier of Focused Credit Solutions is also scheduled to speak at the seminar. She will explain how credit scores affect the home buying process, and she will discuss great tips for maintaining a good credit score. In addition, she will explain how credit to debt ratio affects your credit score. After hearing her speak, you will definitely understand why credit is so important during the home buying process.

Please mark your calendars for July 15, 2017. I can’t wait to see you there!

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BrachelFirst Time Home Buyers Seminar with Licensed Real Estate Agent Brachel Rogers in Statesboro, GA


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Jun 162017

Brachel Rogers Licensed Real Estate AgentMost real estate agents require a 6% commission after helping to sell your home. Many sellers will decide to list their properties themselves (For Sale By Owner, or FSBO) to save this expense, but how much are they really saving?

What Really Happens When You Choose To Sell Your Property Without Using A Real Estate Agent

First of all, your home will have less exposure. Realtors have access to Multiple Listing Services (MLS). A licensed real estate agent will list your home on multiple services to notify all real agents that your property is listed for sale. This guarantees maximum exposure.

Next, your home may sell for less. On average, homes listed with a licensed real estate agent sale for 25% more than homes listed by their owners. This is because realtors understand the market. It is better to speak with a realtor about a customized CMA, to know how much your property is really worth. A home owner may not have access to all of the correct information.

Licensed Real Estate Agent Brachel RogersLastly, a realtor has a network of vendors. If you do list your home using a FSBO method, how will you gain access to the proper forms to make the sale legally binding? Will you be able to point the buyer in the right direction to obtain a home mortgage loan? What about the closing, which attorney should you use? Licensed realtors usually network with home inspectors, appraisers, mortgage lenders, and closing attorneys. They can provide the buyer with a list of preferred vendors to help them with purchasing a home.

Real Estate Listings Are Not More Expensive Than FSBO Listings

Did you know that real estate agents are not paid if your property doesn’t sell? Realtors are paid from the purchase price. Please remember homes listed by agents usually sell for significantly more. Suddenly, that 6% commission doesn’t sound so bad! Especially when realtors will be responsible for much of the marketing for your property.

How much are homeowners really saving when they choose to list their homes using the FSBO method? In my opinion, they lose instead of saving. So, if you are ready to place your home on the market, call me so I can help make the process as smooth as possible.

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Jun 062017

A Comparative Market Analysis Will Help Determine The Fair Market Value Of Your Home

Brachel Rogers sell your homeSo you sit in the corner of the kitchen, and sip your morning cup of coffee. Although the news is fantastic, and the opportunity magnificent, leaving your home is bittersweet. For the next hour you reminisce over the meals that you prepped in the custom kitchen that you and your mother-in-law designed.

  • You smile thinking of how you both fell in love with the granite counter tops, and how you hovered over the technician while he installed them.
  • You think about the nights that you slept on the living room sofa, to be closer to your son when he had the flu. Split bedroom floor plans are great for privacy, but not so great when it comes to taking care of a sick child.
  • Finally, you step out on the back patio that your husband built at your request and you realize, your home has been upgraded through the years.
  • Now your decision to enclose the garage doesn’t seem like a great idea.
  • Did adding a deck add to the value of the home?
  • And what about the swimming pool? Will the buyers that use USDA home loans be excluded because of the in ground swimming pool?

With so many questions, you decide to speak with a real estate agent. You will need a Comparative Market Analysis, or (CMA), to determine the fair market value of your home.

What Should A Real Estate Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) Include?

The specific CMA that the listing agent provides to the seller will depend on the expertise of the real estate agent agent. A CMA can range from a few pages, to several pages of data. Still the CMA should include:

  • the importance of a comparative market analysisActive listings- Active listings are important because they will show the seller the competition. It is very important to know the price of other homes on the market. Please keep in mind that the price of these homes may not reflect market value. Sometimes these homes may be overpriced.
  • Sold Listings – In my opinion this is the most important category of every CMA report. It shows what homes have sold, and for what price they were sold, in the last six months. These are your comparable sales. The price obtained for these homes will help to determine the fair market value of your home.
  • Pending Listing- These listings were once active listings that are waiting to close. The sellers and buyers have agreed on a sales price, but no one will know the exact price until after the closing date. It is not realistic to base a sales price on this data, because the home may close for a price much below the asking price. It may have also been in a bidding war, and closed for a much higher price than the asking price.
  • Expired Listing- This category should include all listings that were placed on the market, but did not sell in the last six months. This should include all cancelled, withdrawn, and off market listings. This category is important because it shows that a listing can expire if it is priced too high. It is important to mention that some listings expire because of needed repairs, and sellers’ remorse, as well.

Obtaining a thorough CMA will help a seller to decide upon a fair market price when listing their home. Any good real estate agent will not list a home to just have a listing, but will list the home to help you sell it.

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May 302017

First Time Home Buyers Should Speak With A Mortgage Lender Before Shopping For A Home

Talk to a mortgage specialistI advise all of the first time home buyers that I work with to speak with a home mortgage lender before we begin to shop for homes. This is because there several factors involved with being approved for a home mortgage loan! 

First of all, it is important for the real estate agent to show the home buyer homes within their price range. Mortgage lenders will verify income. In addition, there are several types of home mortgage loans. The home buyer’s credit score, as well as debt to credit ratio will also impact the amount of the home loan.

It is not uncommon to have a 640 credit score and still not be approved for a USDA home loan. Perhaps the annual income of the home buyer exceeds the mandated allowance, or the debt to credit ratio will be above 41% with a home mortgage. Speaking with a mortgage lender first allows the home buyer to choose the home mortgage loan that is best for them, and helps the buyer to choose homes that are within the price range of the pre-qualification letter.

When A Home Buyer Is Prequalified, The Seller Knows They Are Serious About Purchasing A Home

home-buyers pre-qualification letterShopping for a home is somewhat similar to shopping for a car. A good real estate agent will work on behalf of the home buyer in order to get them the best deal possible when purchasing a home. When the home buyer takes the time to get prequalified before searching for a home, it lets the seller know that the buyer is serious about purchasing. Often times, when the seller knows that the home buyer will still buy a home even if the home buyer doesn’t agree with the seller’s terms, the seller will negotiate a final selling price that may benefit both parties.

As you can see, it is very beneficial to get pre-qualified before you start searching for your forever home. Don’t worry, I promise to be there every step of the way in order to make the journey as stress-free as possible! So call me, and visit my preferred lenders. I can’t wait to help you find the perfect home!

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